A little story about our succulent beef burgers……


Years ago communities were self sufficient, and a town as large as Oundle would be surrounded by farms supplying all the meat and dairy products, crops for bread, fruit and vegetables, plus hops for beer making and ingredients for wines and spirits. Other products coming from the farms would be textiles for clothing and other cloth items, and of course wood, used for the more substantial structures above and around the town’s inhabitants.

There was no need to transport food products silly distances like we do today, and no chance of losing track of where our food came from or, even worse, what it actually is!

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

Well sadly we at ’62 love me do can’t create such a utopian community in Oundle in 2013, but we can at least give you beef burgers of the VERY HIGHEST quality, lovingly made in Seven Wells butchers just two doors away from us. And what makes our burgers so good is that, apart from being a whopping 6oz – that’s 50% larger than any other so-called quarter pounder – they are made using beef from cows which were grazing literally a mile and a half at Seven Wells’ own farm in Stoke Doyle!

Now that’s what we call low food miles…..!


Swinging 60′s


The early 60′s was a time of dramatic change in the UK, the austerity of the 50′s gradually changing to a more colourful and optimistic period! For the teens and twenty somethings, the boys ditched the teddy boy look, moving to sharp suits and longer hair without any of that yukky Brylcreem the Teds so loved! Girls were influenced by the American look, with tight capri trousers and tailored tops, or dropped waist brightly coloured dresses and skirts. Cars were becoming more affordable, with paintwork colours now becoming as daring as the clothes!

There was a huge problem in Cuba, taking the world to the brink of annihilation, Marilyn Monroe died of a drugs overdose, and the worst UK winter in living memory started when the snow came down in December ’62.

And it just so happens that in that year the music scene changed forever, with the beginning of what became known as ‘pop’ music, when The Rolling Stones performed for the first time at the Marquee, and The Beatles released their single ‘Love Me Do’.

And that’s how we all want 1962 to be remembered……..

(for more in depth info on 1962, go to History)


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